BioComp Instruments develops, manufactures and markets world renowned and unique systems for gradient forming, fractionation and analysis systems for work with density gradients in biomedical research.

The company was founded in 1985 by Dr. David Coombs, a now retired professor of molecular biology at the University of New Brunswick. Dr. Coombs had developed a rapid solution to produce linear density gradients for use in ultracentrifuges. When his invention was patented, Dr. Coombs already held patents on both ends of the application - a device for gradient production and a fractionator, developed as a graduate student at UCLA.

As the company celebrates over 30 years in business, BioComp has established its niche in the biotech industry as a nimble, customer focused and innovative company with high expertise and truly unique products in the field of gradient forming and fractionation.

Product Development

Since its first sale in 1986, the Gradient Master instrument has grown to become the world's gold standard gradient former, with an installed base of over 1200 units.

Commercial development of the Piston Gradient Fractionator was completed in 1995, and it now works together with the Gradient Master to deliver the most accurate and sensitive gradient analysis available. Combining these two instruments into one made perfect sense, so we have developed a hybrid instrument, named the Gradient Station that offers the best of both worlds.

Recently, we introduced the Triax™ Flow Cell, one of the world’s most versatile flow cell, designed specifically for gradients.   After twelve years of development and constant refinement, The Triax™ Flow Cell (patent pending) has been developed to replace the Bio-Rad EM1, bringing considerable advantages.  There are now three versions of the Triax: FC-1, FC-2 and FC-3, with the number indicating how many different wavelengths can simultaneously pulse the flowing gradient.