Western Blotting

Western Blotting

The Navigator™ approaches Western Blotting by following two simple principles: 1) Keep the blotting volume to an absolute minimum to preserve precious antisera and reagents; and 2) Make the bottle fit the blot: provide enough inner surface to accommodate the entire blot without overlap. We created a system that allows you to select the right bottle to accommodate any size blot without overlap, allowing you to expose the entire surface of your blot to the same concentration of reagent. 

The economical Navigator™ excels at all your blotting needs; Southerns, Northerns, Westerns, Chemiluminescent or Sequencing blots. 

Three features set it apart: as a roller bottle-type blotter, it saves up to 90% on precious reagents compared to bags and trays, but the Navigator goes one step further. Its patented tilting feature lets you concentrate the reagents over the blot, no matter how tall they are. Put your blot to the bottom of the bottle, tilt back a few degrees from horizontal, and the small pool of reagent will stay over the blot rather than wandering on and off during rotation.

The second feature is intuitive and obvious, but available nowhere else: "Make the bottle fit the blot." Most roller blot developers offer one or two narrow bottle diameters held by clips on the rotating rotisserie. As a result, the filters must be rolled up with a nylon mesh to permit the exchange of reagent. The mesh increases buffer consumption and slows reagent exchange, so starvation leaves shadows in Western and Chemiluminescent blots. Clearly, then, the best bottle for all types of blotting is one having a inner surface area that matches the size of the membrane so that every revolution bathes the entire surface of the blot in reagent. 

But how to achieve such freedom? The answer is our patented MagnaBase™ bottle system. Strong neodymium magnets on the bottom of our bottles holds them firmly to the rotating steel plate on the Navigator. As a result of this simple invention, one can:

Change bottle sizes without changing clips. 

Use the entire surface of the plate and attain high holding capacity. 

Run several different sizes of bottles at the same time. 

See through our clear plastic lid to observe blot development progressing.

Our latest model 129 offers digital display of RPM, Elapsed time, Preset time remaining, and Time of change in direction of rotation*. 

Bottle sizes are listed by the largest blot a bottle can hold without overlap (cm).

12-3, 12-8, 12-11, 12-16


21-12, 21-16 

24-16, 24-20